Parador de Soria

Situated on high ground in a wooded area, the Parador de Soria is a spectacular spot from which to gaze out at an extraordinary panoramic view of the historic city and powerful Douro River. Its magnificent large windows offer up a unique landscape. You will soon realize that the shadow cast by Antonio Machado, present throughout the city, can also be found at the Parador. The modern-style restaurant offers traditional Soria cuisine, including exquisite beans, fried breadcrumbs, roast lamb and garlic soups. You can also enjoy more avant-garde dishes such as our rack of lamb milk.

Explore Soria by wandering the streets of the city of poets, visiting the avenues, squares, side streets and spots that enchanted Bécquer, Machado and Gerardo Diego. You will find architectural treasures such as Santo Domingo Church and the Co-cathedral of San Pedro. The experience will also lead you to discover this lovely province, with such fascinatingly beautiful places as the villages of Calatañazor and El Burgo de Osma, the ruins of the Celtiberian settlement of Numantia, Serena Cave, vineyards lapped by the waters of the Douro River, and charming, small villages with medieval architecture.

Fortún López, s/n - Parque del Castillo 42005 Soria Soria
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Director: Manuel Vieites Rodriguez